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What is JQuery? - Do My JQuery Assignment

JQuery is a small JavaScript library that comes with a single .js file and has many built-in functions with which you can accomplish various tasks briskly. It is a framework that has many JavaScript capabilities. The editors supported to write jQuery are Visual Studio, Notepad, Eclipse, and Ultra edit. Using this library, you can easily simplify the interaction between HTML/CSS documents and to be precise the DOM file and JavaScript. With jQuery, you can simplify event handling in browsers, DOM animations, Ajax interactions, and cross-browser JavaScript development. It is easy for you to download both the compressed and uncompressed versions of jQuery. The compressed version can be used in the production environment whereas the uncompressed version can be in the development environment. The compressed version will reduce the library by removing unnecessary white spaces. It also shortens the variable and function names. 

However, the compressed file cannot be read. When it comes to the uncompressed file, you can read and debug the errors. There are two types of jQuery available. The local installation can happen by downloading the jQuery library to your local machine. This will also have HTML code. The CDN-based version will have a jQuery library in the HTML code. This is added directly to the content delivery network. 

jQuery is used to develop Ajax-based apps. The best thing is that it makes the code simple and reusable. It also simplifies the HTML DOM tree process. jQuery can also be used to handle various events, handle animation and support Ajax in web apps. When you open the browser and load the jQuery library, you will get jQuery (), which is a global function.

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Applications of JQuery - Why Solve JQuery Assignments?

JQuery API is designed precisely. The functionality of the library is also complete and no new methods are being added. There are no built-in JavaScript objects extended. There is only one symbol used in the global namespace.

Applications of JQuery - Why Solve JQuery Assignments?

Plugins - A plug-in is a code that is in the JavaScript language. It offers various jQuery methods that are used in conjunction with jQuery library methods. There are many more plugins available on the web which you can use to add special effects to the website.

DOM manipulation - jQuery can be used to select DOM elements, and modify the DOM elements with a cross-browser open-source selector engine, which is known as sizzle. 

Support animations and Ajax - jQuery has many built-in animation effects that help you develop responsive and rich websites with AJAX technology. Many web developers prefer to use jQuery to make web pages exciting, user-friendly and cleaner. 

Support cross-browser - jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library that supports all browsers. The best thing is that it also supports X path syntax and CSS3 selectors.

Code less - jQuery can be used in many tasks where JavaScript code is required. These are wrapped into methods and can be called with just one line of code. Five lines of jQuery code are equal to 25 lines of JavaScript code. With smaller files, you can load the web pages briskly.

Quick to learn - With regular practice, students can learn to code with jQuery. There are no prerequisites that are required to learn this library. It has shorter code when compared to JavaScript. It comes with simple coding standards and syntax. It also reduces the time you spend coding and deploying the website. The best thing is that you do not need any design talent to develop the website or learn web design. There are a lot of plugins that are offered by jQuery.

SEO friendly - jQuery effects are similar to flash but the content in jQuery is used as text. The content is also available for SEO to optimise the web pages. 

Integrate easily with Visual Studio - Visual Studio offers a lot of extensions that help you to integrate jQuery libraries with .Net framework projects. jQuery libraries are also integrated into the .Net framework to support Visual Studio. There is a NuGet package which is an extension that helps in Visual studio integration. When this integration happens, the Intellisense feature in the visual studio gets ON. Various metjQuery methods are available and display the errors when you write the wrong syntax. 

jQuery elements are displayed even when JavaScript is disabled - There is a prerequisite for you to install adobe flash to render the content. However, this is not the case for jQuery. You can manipulate HTML DOM to develop and makmodifye web pages. Even when JavaScript is not enabled in the browser, you can see the content being rendered on the browser. 

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